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Mercur-Research | Targeting cellular interfaces in repAMI (TCI repAMI)

Targeting cellular interfaces in repAMI (TCI repAMI)

The research topic of the proposed RTG is the role of distinct cellular interfaces in reperfused acute myocardial infarction (repAMI), which include (i) the immune system, (ii) the vasculature and (iii) the cardiomyocytes. The aim is to characterize new treatment options for patients with AMI. For excellent training/qualification, a highly synergistic approach is crucial. The proposed RTG is therefore composed of cardiovascular scientists in conjunction with researchers from the field of infection/immunology. Extensive research in the field of repAMI has shown that a successful implementation of new strategies can only be achieved through the identification of a clinical problem, the characterization of the underlying signaling pathways/cellular interfaces and the immediate testing in patients. This has been known as the “bed-to-bench-to-bed”-principle. The proposed RTG is characterized by a novel program that provides excellent doctoral students with the clinical and basic scientific skills required for future successful research in this field. Key components of the proposed RTG are: unified animal models of repAMI, patient cohorts under supervision of the Cardiac Trial Unit (CTU), Tandem PIs consisting of a clinician and a basic scientist PI for each graduate, Internal Advisory Committees (IAC) and an ensuing mentoring program with a Translational Mentoring Board (TMB) and an External Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB). 45% of PIs are female. Several of the PIs have previously collaborated successfully.


Prof. Dr. Tienush Rassaf, Universitätsklinikum Essen, Klinik für Kardiologie und Angiologie

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Prof. Dr. Tienush Rassaf
Universitätsklinikum Essen
Klinik für Kardiologie und Angiologie
Hufelandstraße 55
45147 Essen
Email: tienush.rassaf@uk-essen.de